Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

What I Didn't Learn From the Chicago Tribune Today

Less dramatic than the New Jersey presidential poll I linked to yesterday, here's the Survey USA poll for Illinois, which shows Kerry up in Illinois by 4 percent. I wouldn't have heard about this if I were just reading the Chicago Tribune, because they completely failed to mention it, although they did cite a poll showing that Kerry had increased his lead in Michigan. (I heard about it on WBBM-AM on my drive home, where they noted that Illinois had been so out of play that you couldn't get a free Kerry/Edwards lawn sign around here. You were told to go to the website and buy them.) The Tribune also buried this Washington Post page one story about the CBS/Rather/National Guard documents deep in the front section of the paper.

The Tribune did have this article about Kerry's slippage among women voters on the front page above the fold. But I suppose that editorial judgment is a slippery thing...

In the meantime, if another poll comes out that looks anything like the Survey USA poll for Illinois cited above, I may have to find the mute button on my TV when the campaign commercials show up. So far, it's all been deathly silent, since the state has been believed to be safe for Kerry. (And probably still is, but I guess you never know.)
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