Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

After the Con Is Over

I worked from home this morning. daisy_knotwise, Katie, Julie, and I ducked out for an early lunch with catalana who I last saw towing a bag and a guitar toward the check-in line for Southwest on her way home to visit her parents for a bit. Now, I'm back in the office, picking up pieces before getting ready to head out on Wednesday evening for Concertino, where Gretchen and I are guests.

We have succeeded in making sure that life is never dull. :)

But Duckon was a fine time. Good friends, good music, good conversation. Good sales too. (We are not one of those dealers for whom sales are always "terrible". :) )

And sleep is for the weak and sickly.

Tags: cons, filk, home, kids, musings, work
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