Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

In the Swim

We took Katie and Julie to the water park today, joined by our friends, samwinolj, Bonnie, and Jerry. Katie was much happier with the pool today than she was last year. In fact, we couldn't keep her off the kiddie slide. Julie is still skeptical about this whole water thing, although she did walk off the edge of the pool into about two feet of water as Daddy was paying too much attention to Katie and not enough to her. (This is not to say that no one was watching her, but rather than Julie wanted Daddy's attention.)

Katie, meanwhile, wants to go into the deep end of the pool. I towed her out near there and let her float around attached to me, but solo expeditions to the deep end will have to wait until she's a bit older and gets swimming lessons. Right now, she's limited to the depth where I can conveniently walk.
Tags: kids, musings

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