Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Calibrated Eyeball

Yesterday, I went to put the rolling trash cans away after the garbage and recycling was picked up. The cans sit just to the right of my car in the garage, so I have to take my car out before the cans can be put away. Normally, daisy_knotwise would do this during the day while I was at work, but there were two problems.

  • It was a holiday, so I was at home.
  • My car hasn't been in the space recently, because we're garaging catalana's car while she's visiting her parents in Las Vegas.

    I'd taken both sets of keys with me so I could back my car down the driveway, then back out Erica's car, then move the cans into position, and then put the cars back. And I looked at Erica's car. And the blue rolling cart that was in front of the ladder that was between the driveway and the spot where the cans go.

    So I picked up the cart, moved it out of the way, and rolled the cans into their accustomed spot in the garage without having to do the automotive shuffle.

    Erica's car is a Ford Fusion. Mine is a Ford Five Hundred. That apparently makes all the difference.

    Maybe I should get a smaller car. :)
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