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To Concertino and Back Again (Part Four)

It's been a while since the last entry in this series, so let's see what my work-fogged brain remembers at this point. :) As you may recall, we'd just gone to bed on Saturday night, so next up must be Sunday morning.

This was the day when Gretchen was giving her workshop on performance skills, so she got up early and got out of the room. Apparently she even got breakfast. :) I woke up when she left and dove through the shower, getting out and mostly dressed before Katie and then Julie woke up. I changed the necessary diapers and decided that they could wear what they were wearing and let Gretchen sort it out later, because I had no clue as to what the girls were supposed to be wearing today.

In the interest of peace in our time, we went downstairs to the kids programming room. Since this was across the hall from the room where Gretchen was giving her workshop, Katie and Julie naturally noticed that Mommy was right there. Fortunately, they didn't intrude too much and I managed to get them into the play room without destroying the workshop.

Gretchen and I compared notes. Since she'd gotten breakfast before the big brunch started, she was fine as far as food was concerned and there was food enough to feed the girls. I didn't want to deal with the brunch; I just wanted a sandwich. The hotel had thoughtfully slipped a note under the door warning about the brunch and telling us that there would be a limited menu in the bar starting at noon. This sounded good to me, so I stalled and went to the bar at noon, taking a tiny table in the corner. I then had to patiently explain to the waiter that no, I did not want the brunch, that the hotel had sent us a note under the door saying that there would be a limited menu in the bar starting at noon, and that that was what I wanted. I explained this several times before he finally got the clue, conferred with the hostess, and brought me a menu. Having gotten past our concert, I decided to chance the Reuben -- did you know that sauerkraut sometimes contains sulfites? -- and it didn't give me any problems, which was a Good ThingTM. Larry and Deborah were also trying to avoid the brunch and joined me, so the conversation was good. (And they now had a much easier time getting menus. :) )

I hurried off after lunch, because I wanted to catch the Sassafrass concert, having heard bits of what they did in the open filk. It was a lot of fun, punctuated by occasional forays out of the room to get Katie out of the line of fire. Later, I got to speak to Ada and her partner -- two of the principals of the group who I'd seen in the filk room -- who are moving to Texas, as it turns out. This will only make rehearsals more entertaining. But I got CDs from them to sell (as I later did from Brooke) and I plugged FenCon, since we're planning to be there this year and I am always in favor of better filking. :)

I got to wrangle the girls while Gretchen listened to and judged the song-writing contest, so I don't know too much about what went on there, but the conversations in the lobby continued to be fun. Then came Closing Ceremonies, where Gary kindly presented me with a teddy bear in a Red Sox jacket that I immediately handed off to Katie, who is not yet old enough to know of the train wreck that the Cardinals suffered in the 2004 World Series :), while Gretchen received a songbook which we'll be sharing with the girls in the near future, I suspect.

Next, it was off to the jam session, where Ben had set up chord charts for some tackling dummies, including "Just Play". The chord charts idea worked pretty well, but it takes enough time that we all agreed that everything would have to be prepared in advance rather than trying to collect any songs at con. And with that many guitars going at once, whoever is leading definitely needs a microphone if they have any respect for their voice and hope of being heard. :)

I left my guitar in the room after the jam and went to get dinner, when it became apparent that enough people were staying there for that course of action to be safe. At some point during this, I found that the girls' toy bag was missing from the play room, which became an immediate emergency -- with apologies to the women who had been in my workshop who stopped me in the hall to ask about a particular song that I'd used as an example there ("Mother and Daughter", as it turns out and I couldn't remember at the time). I found MEW and discovered that she'd put the bag back in the filk room, next to my guitar. *sigh*

I ran out and picked up dinner from Tortilla Sam's. This was another dietary crap shoot, as mass-market tortillas almost all contain sulfites, but I was greatly reassured when I walked in the restaurant and saw the fellow making tortillas in the front window. And the food was quite good.

After that, I went back to the dead dog filk and Gretchen headed off to the room with the girls, as she had a full-blown case of draining sinuses that were going to make singing unlikely at best. I sang a bunch of songs, including an impromptu performance of "Domino Death" when the pizza arrived. I must find my copy of the lyrics and chords before the next attempt at it. (When in doubt, sing loud and keep going. :) )

And we all had a good time, it seemed. I headed off to bed before the last dog was hung, because I knew we'd be getting up early the next day. After all, we had to drive home.

Gretchen and I compared notes when I got up to the room. And I set a wake-up call for oh-dark AM.
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