Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Suture Removal? On a Two Year Old?

Today was the day that we took Katie to her pediatrician's office to have her stitches out. Because parking in the neighborhood is frequently execrable, daisy_knotwise stopped in front of the office, I unstrapped Katie, and we went upstairs while Gretchen went to look for parking. As a result, Katie had already been seen by the nurse and she and I were waiting in the little room when Gretchen and Julie arrived.

They got to hear the doctor -- not Katie's regular pediatrician, because he doesn't do this particular operation on children so young -- as she walked out and asked "What's next?"

"Suture removal."

The doctor picked up the folder. "Suture removal? On a two year old?"

By the time she got back to see us, her game face was on. She got the mega-magnifying goggles and the portable lamp so she could get a good look at the stitches as she removed them. I held Katie's hands and the nurse held Katie's head during the process. Only the last stitch was particularly difficult. And once again, Katie was a very good and very brave little girl.

I think the doctor was relieved.

And so was I. :)
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