Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And It Rains On The Day That You're Leaving

Well, I finally found out where someone had squirreled away the cart that I needed to take everything down to the van at work. I'd already moved it to a closer space when I sent down to meet jdonat and Michelle to retrieve the coolers we'd sent for Picnicon, so that would be relatively convenient.

I tossed all the wiring into a bag, piled everything on the cart, and headed down the elevator.

And as I was going out the door, the concrete block that said "Alcar" on it, which had been in the elevator lobby of our old office before we dismantled it, fell off the cart and broke into two pieces.

I threw it in the trash.

Then I got out the door and felt raindrops starting to fall from what had been a clear, blue sky all day. Not so much right then.

I hurried over and loaded the van, putting the last items in just as it shifted to a relatively enthusiastic rain. I rolled the cart back into the building and up to the seventh floor where I left it.

Then it was back through the rain to the van. And away I went through the storm.

As I approached O'Hare, the sun came out.

And now I'm sitting next to my grill with a charcoal fire going that's just about ready to have the steaks go on it. jeff_duntemann is playing with Katie, Julie, and assorted bichons, Gretchen is in the chair on the opposite side of the patio wondering why I'm on the laptop.

Actually, it's because I needed to send some barcode numbers for Cubs tickets to my friend who listed them on StubHub.

But now it's time to get off the Internet for a while. :)
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