Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Fifteen Months Old

Julie turned fifteen months old today. Naturally, it was time for photos to be taken.

After Lunch After Lunch
We'd just finished lunch at Portillo's where Julie had chowed down on french fries and a bit of Italian beef. Julie was fifteen months old today.
Can We Go Now? Can We Go Now?
However, lunch was over. As far as Julie was concerned, the photo shoot could end any time.
Stealing Katie's Shoes Stealing Katie's Shoes
It took forever to convince Katie to wear shoes. Julie, on the other hand, steals Katie's shoes and tries to wear them. Sadly, they're *much* too big.
Around and Around Around and Around
Katie is running around the arborvitae, pursued by Aunt Carol and the new (as yet unnamed) bichon puppy. Julie finds this fascinating, but is not quite fast enough to keep up yet.
Hooray for Captain Katie! Hooray for Captain Katie!
Of course, no photo shoot is complete without Katie wanting to pose for a picture. Here, she's nattily attired in pull-up and pith helmet. Julie would *like* to play with the pith helmet, but Katie is insisting that it's *her* hat. *sigh*
Tired Little Girl Tired Little Girl
And Julie has had a long day and is pretty much ready to go to bed. But it's always worth crawling across the end table to see what can be stolen from Daddy. The camera, for instance...

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