Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

As Time Fails At Its Basic Mission

The basic mission of time being to make sure that everything doesn't happen at once, you'd like to think that it might succeed in doing so. No such luck.

I'm frantically fixing bugs at work (and trying to fend off other bugs which are flying in my direction). Gretchen and I need to sit down tonight and write one more sketch for SpaceTime Theater. I need to get the mixer working again, which is going to mean unplugging all of the patch cables -- one at a time and labeling them so I can put them back -- and then making sure that all of the cables that go into the back of the mixer's CPU are plugged in properly, because the patch cables are all over the top of those cables; then putting the patch cables back in (correctly, I hope); then resetting the mixer's BIOS...

After which I can record scratch tracks for "Falling Toward Orion" so I can send them to quadrivium for the GAFilk Songbook.

Somehow, I don't think all of this is going to get accomplished today.

Maybe time is working after all.

But sleep! Sleep is failing. That's it...
Tags: filk, home, musings, spacetime, work

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