Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


I was cleaning off -- ok, starting to clean off -- the top of the cabinet to the right of the refrigerator in our kitchen. It has, over the course of several years, become a completely impenetrable mass of stuff. I mean, serious stuff.

I have now made a dent in the problem. Removed from the stack were (among other things):

  • The newspapers in a sealed bag from the day that Katie was born. (Removed to the office and united with the newspaper from the day that Julie was born.)
  • A huge stack of information about the small stock holdings that daisy_knotwise's mother had and which need to be cleared up. (Removed to the mail shelf.)
  • Two packages of Hall's Cough Drops. (Handed to Gretchen for her enjoyment.)
  • The cupholders for two of the car seats. (Shoved onto a high shelf in the cabinet above.)
  • The huge package of plastic pocket change purses that Gretchen bought for me because you can't find them anywhere. (Removed to a high shelf in the pantry, replacing expired bottles of sunscreen and bug repellent that were emptied and recycled.)
  • A broken curtain rod. (Recycled)
  • The silicone caulk that I still haven't used to try to put a new cover on the dryer vent. (Removed to the basement to join the caulk gun until I get a chance to do something about this.)
  • Thirty-seven and thirty-four cent stamps. (Handed to Gretchen for the stamp file.)
  • The recharging station and spare batteries for a cordless screwdriver that I'm not sure we still own. (Unplugged and shoved onto another cabinet while I look for the screwdriver.)
  • Katie's first ultrasound. (Given to Gretchen to be united with Katie's second ultrasound.)
  • A gift certificate and a gift card. (Pocketed.)
  • Assorted wedding invitations, all for people who are still married to the best of my knowledge. (Recycled.)
  • Many random bits of paper that were of no further use. (Also recycled.)
  • The Flat Stanley that my niece, Claire, sent us some years ago. (Retained to be returned with photos on our trip to Texas in a few weeks.)
  • Several really stale-dated checks. (Hauled to the office in the hope that I can get them reissued.)


    And after all that, there's still an incredible amount of stuff all over the cabinet top.

    But there's less than there was!
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