Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Badi By Moonlight

One of the bad things that can happen around the house is if Badi, Katie's blankie, is nowhere to be found come bedtime. And a bad thing happened. We looked upstairs. No Badi. We looked downstairs. No Badi.

I looked in the garage. I looked in the van. Still no Badi.

I looked in the front yard. No Badi, but I did get to turn off the hose that Katie had turned on earlier in the day.

I wanted to go look in the back yard. But Katie had wandered downstairs to help look for Badi and nothing I could say was going to get her to go back and look upstairs again. So I finally bit the bullet, headed out the back door, and closed it behind me, hoping that Katie wouldn't manage to follow.

She didn't. So I looked in the empty deck box that Katie likes to hide in. It was very empty.

I put all the things that were supposed to be back in the deck box back in the deck box. *sigh*

Ok, Badi has got to be somewhere. And the Moon is nearly full tonight.

As I walked down the yard, I saw a suspiciously irregular gray shape shining on top of the enormous transformer box that Katie likes to climb up on. I headed over, picked up Badi, slightly damp with dew, and brought it back in to Katie.

And Katie -- after two Curious George stories -- is now happily in bed.

With Badi.
Tags: home, kids, musings

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