Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Mad About Maria

I've never actually seen "The Sound of Music" all the way through. My mother, brother, and sister went to see it at the theater in Belleville while my dad and I were with the Cub Scouts who were deploying pooper scoopers at a dog show elsewhere in town. But we must have owned the soundtrack album, because there's not a single song in the movie that I'm not familiar with. Of course, I keep seeing bits and pieces of it on the Family Channel, because daisy_knotwise will flip over to it if she sees it running and there's nothing better on. I just haven't actually watched the whole film from beginning to end.

What I've read from beginning to end are the not one, but two different Mad Magazine parodies of the movie. One of them was the fairly straightforward parody of the movie, "The Sound of Money". The other, however, grabbed the songs and constructed a sort of musical about the Mob, "The Sound of Murder". And what's particularly bad is when my brain starts grabbing the lines from both of the parodies and starts doing a weird little mash up.

"Just see how I race up this steep mountainside without ever losing a beat.
You'd think that my lungs would give out up here over ten thousand feet.
And though you may think that I'm hard as nails, still I'm soft underneath.
I'll mourn at the wake and I'll send a big funeral wreath."

Oh, yeah. There's the sort of tutor that I want for the kids...
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