Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Candy Tree

I got the idea for this while driving down to Wrigley Field last week. Then it was just a matter of pulling it all together. Of course, that requires a little free time with the guitar, which can be just a little bit harder when you have two little girls. Especially when you've sugared them up well...

Update: daisy_knotwise suggested that I might want to change a few things. So I've nipped here and tucked there. :)

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2009

The Candy Tree

I took my daughters walking out on Halloween,
The cutest pair of wizards that you’ve ever seen.
We spent a couple hours ringing doorbells all around town.
The door would open, they’d yell “Trick or Treat!”
And everybody thought that they were really sweet.
When we headed home they had to drag their bags on the ground.

Gum balls, caramels, and chocolate bars,
Smarties, jelly beans, and gummy stars,
Licorice whips – you get them all for free
When my two little girls go Trick or Treatin' with me.

I told them that they shouldn’t eat it up too fast.
You know that you’re gonna want to make it last.
And they each grabbed a handful and they ran out into the yard.
They planted all that candy in the flower bed,
Tapped it with their wands, I saw a flash of red,
And then they came to tell me that getting more wasn’t hard.

Gum balls, caramels, and chocolate bars,
Smarties, jelly beans, and gummy stars,
Licorice whips – you get them all for free
‘Cause they all grow together on the candy tree.

So I had a good laugh, forgot it all till spring
When I looked out the window, saw the strangest thing –
A plant was growing fast, it was getting bigger each day.
So we were sitting in a chair ‘neath a brand new tree
As I read the girls a story – maybe two or three –
When something hit me on my head on the first day of May.

(Chorus to Bridge)
And they looked all around on the ground and they started to laugh.
They were filling up their bags with candy for an hour and a half.
Yeah, a happier couple of girls you never will see,
But you never before saw a couple of girls with their own candy tree.

So we give away the candy that we cannot eat
And the girls think gardening is really neat.
The roller skate they planted last week – well, we'll have to see.
Not sure what fruit that tree is gonna bear,
But when I read them a story in my favorite chair
I'm not gonna sit beneath a bicycle tree.

(Chorus twice)
On the candy tree.
On the candy tree.
Tags: filk, kids, lyrics, musings

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