Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Aligning the Ducks

So tomorrow, we all leave on our trip to Texas where we'll be introducing relatives to Julie, reacquainting them with Katie, and eventually meandering off to Fencon. No problem. Other than the really long drive, which we'll be taking in two days (or fractions thereof) each way. We'll see how the girls take it this time. :)

The trick, of course, is getting everything done before you leave. So the CDs are now all safely packed in the car, the inventory list is updated, and I just got off IM with the fellow in India who is working on the project that I'm helping him with.

That 10.5 hour time difference is entertaining.

daisy_knotwise has meanwhile been doing her part in all this, getting clothes, toys, and DVDs packed for the girls.

I think we can go to bed now.
Tags: cons, filk, home, musings, work

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