Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Oh, No, Don't Let the Rain Come Down

As we entered Texas last Friday night, it started raining. It rained a lot over the weekend -- more than five inches at the airport, which is, by coincidence, roughly where we're sitting. It's supposed to rain another inch or so tonight. It may keep raining all week.

I understand that, before they arrived, northern Texas was in the middle of a drought. This may not fix that, but it will probably help.

All this is, of course, making going swimming in the outdoor pool here just a bit problematic.

We took the girls out to Sonic for lunch today. There was a sit-down version available near Grapevine Mills Mall which we decided was a better choice than the drive-ins. But Julie was not happy. We think she's cutting the last canine teeth. And Katie wanted to run all over the place. It was an adventure.

I'd planned to go to the mall and then to Fry's to pick up some stuff we needed, but there was no question that Julie needed to go back to the room and take a nap. So we told Katie she could go to Fry's with Daddy.

She refused. She wanted to go to the room with Mommy and Julie. *sigh* Katie always wants to go to Fry's. Not today.

So I dropped everyone off in the room and headed out alone. At Wal-Mart, I grabbed detergent so we could wash some clothes, assorted DVDs, and more baby ibuprofen for Julie. Then I went to Fry's and collected an alarm clock for the back bathroom at home (yes, I know that seems absurd, but we'd decided to buy one at our local Fry's and this saved me a trip), a new set of headphones for the MP3 player so we can demo CDs at Fencon (which was the actual excuse for the trip), and some SD cards for the new recorder that I'm planning to use at ConClave. Assuming that it shows up on time...

This evening, I suggested going to dinner at the Golden Corral near the mall, as I wanted some salad with my meal. And while we were in the neighborhood, we could stop at the mall first, let the girls run around a bit and burn off some energy, and I could check out the Disney Outlet Store and see if there was anything useful. This was a great plan.

Until we got to the mall and discovered both girls were sound asleep in their car seats. daisy_knotwise decided she would stay in the van so we could let sleeping girls lie while I checked out the Disney Store. I got out with about $50 worth of merchandise, including a stuffed Tigger for Katie and a stuffed dalmatian puppy for Julie, several sets of Tigger and Pooh PJs for Katie, some Pooh bath toys (which are currently being exercised in the bathroom), and a Tigger and Pooh tote bag for Katie, since she'll need something to haul around Fencon.

Dinner at the Golden Corral was relatively peaceful, except that Julie insisted on having one of Gretchen or me hold her at any given moment. I mastered the art of cutting steak while holding a toddler. Having long arms helps. :)

Then we came back to the hotel where we went down to the lobby and put the next issue of Wing Words to bed while the girls ran around in wide circles. With any luck, they'll go to sleep soon. After their bath.

And tomorrow, Mitch is ditching work in the early afternoon so we can grab some lunch, since he's got an awards dinner tomorrow night. But that's one of the hazards of having a brother who is a highly paid executive -- he keeps busy!

And maybe it will stop raining...
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