Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Yet Another SpaceTime Theater Post

We had a rehearsal scheduled last night, but as it turned out daddy_guido had a prior commitment, beamjockey and Kelley had a communication glitch, and Sam had to work late. So it was just me, Gretchen, Bonnie, and Jerry (because we don't expect Steve to come in for a weekday rehearsal from Kalamazoo). *sigh*

But it gave Jerry and Gretchen a chance to work on some lines while Bonnie and I went upstairs to edit a bit that she, Gretchen, and Steve had written. The edits have passed muster, so we're one script away from being done with the writing.

Of course, there's a WindyCon meeting on Friday, so that's going to slow the writing down a bit.
Tags: musings, spacetime

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