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And we pulled into our motel in Joplin, Missouri around 1:00 AM after getting out of DFW around 6 PM after packing up the table. Katie decided to stop cooperating after about six pages of the inventory list, so daisy_knotwise had to take her and Julie out to the lobby to prevent Katie from randomly packing CDs into boxes. Despite that, we got packed out in good time, given the sheer amount of stuff we were moving.

My Sunday afternoon concert went well with over a dozen people in attendance. And they seemed to have a good time, as did I. :) After it was over, it was 3 PM and -- although the Dealers' Room officially closed at 4 PM -- we weren't the only people who were packing up early. We did make one sale at 3:58 PM, fortunately from the latter half of the alphabet.

We stopped at Braum's for dinner, which was quite successful, save for Katie's refusal to eat any of her dinner until the ice cream was procured. So first, Gretchen and I ate. Then I got the ice cream. Then, after eating some of her lime sherbet (and some of Mommy's German Chocolate ice cream), Katie finally ate some of her chicken strips. *sigh*

Katie naturally decided that she wanted her DVD player during a stretch when there was no good gas station to stop at. This produced a lot of complaining from both girls before I finally pulled off in Eufaula at the Love's where we'd stopped on the way down. And the Phineas and Ferb disk lasted from there to Joplin, so that worked out well.

And now it's time to get some sleep.
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