Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Sticks and Stones

Actually, no sticks were involved and the "stones" are concrete brick pavers. But the result is that we almost have a new and bigger patio in our back yard. The original patio dated back to the year after we moved in and had fallen in around the house as the fill subsided. When we looked at getting it repaired and enlarged, we found that we couldn't match the original pavers and that getting it completely redone was not much more money than trying to reuse the old pavers.

So that's what's been happening the last two days. Mind you, the job will be done when summer's gone, but there should be some nice fall days to enjoy it.

And for next year, I'm going to get a small table and chairs to go on the extension so we can sit outside and eat on nice nights.

I expect there will be some. :)
Tags: home, musings

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