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So when my good buddy, Clif, got married to Carol, they put little notes on the tables at the reception that said that they would not kiss when people clinked glasses. They would have to get up and sing a little song that included the word "love". And if that was too hard for us to do, we could do a song that contained "Albuquerque".

Needless to say, there were a lot of songs that contained "Albuquerque" that were sung, although many of them simply substituted that city for, say, Kansas City.

I think I wrote the words for this by myself. I know that MEW and Steve Simmons sang it with me, because everything's better with harmony.

So, with apologies to Clif, Carol, Billy Joel, and the Capitol Steps:

Words: Bill Roper
Music: “For the Longest Time”, Billy Joel
Copyright 1993


Finding rhymes for little words like love
Isn’t hard when pushing comes to shove
But what a pity when we have to rhyme a city,
‘Cause Albuquerque is the hardest rhyme.

Clif and Carol only boo and hiss
When clinking glasses tell them they should kiss.
Although it’s quirky, they want us to rhyme Albuquerque,
But Albuquerque is the hardest rhyme.

Folks might say that they’re a bit strange
To ask to arrange Albuquerque when singing.
We’ll just have to use all our range.
It’s too late to change this joke, we’ve been wringing

All the mileage from it that we can.
Guess that’s what it means to be a fan.
We’re bright and perky, but we can’t rhyme Albuquerque,
‘Cause Albuquerque is the hardest rhyme.
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