Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Your Star

As I continue cleaning up missing items in my filk book and on the website, I've got this song. It was my second attempt at writing a song about a soldier far away from home. I never liked it as well as I do "One Last Battle", which probably has a lot to do with why it's been buried for a long time.

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 1980

Your Star

There is a star in the sky – your star.
I left you there, so far away,
And went to fight for a warrior's pay.
God be willing, I'll return some day
And find you there waiting for me.

One by one, pass the minutes.
One by one, pass the hours.
One by one, I see the stars rise
And recall all the things that were ours.

There is a star in the sky – your star.
Shining down on the battlefield
Where soldiers with their rifles kneeled.
Tired and bloody, they would not yield
Nor give up an inch in retreat.


There is a star in the sky – your star.
Light dimmed by magnesium flare
Burning bright in the clear night air
O'er the dead and the wounded lying there.
Thank God the bullets missed me.


There is a star in the sky – your star.
This night's watch is finally done.
I go to my foxhole, my hand on my gun.
There to wait for the morning sun.
To lie, to sleep, and to dream.


And recall all the things that were ours.
Tags: filk, lyrics, musings

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