Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

GAFilk Question

daisy_knotwise and I continue to mull over going to GAFilk. The problem is that Gretchen doesn't get to see much of the evening activities if she's having to put Katie and Julie to bed. It would be possible to exchange names in that problem and have me put the girls to bed, but then I miss most of the evening activities, so either way, one or the other of us isn't where we'd like to be.

We were wondering if anyone knew of a responsible young person who would be interested in picking up some extra money by watching the girls in the late evening hours. They're pretty much night owls, so they aren't likely to go to bed before 10 PM in any case.

The existence of such a responsible young person wouldn't guarantee that I could lever Gretchen, Katie, and Julie into the van with me for a trip to Georgia this January, but it would help the odds. :)
Tags: cons, filk, kids, musings
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