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Bill Roper

Three Years Old

Katie turned three years old today. Because I had to go to a Capricon meeting tonight -- which meant missing dinner with daisy_knotwise, Katie, and Julie -- we went out to Red Robin for lunch. There, they brought Katie a little chocolate sundae and sang their happy birthday song for her. Katie was delighted.

On the way home, we stopped at the bakery and picked up a small cake, because there had to be candles some time. Katie insisted. :)

And Katie had a decent haul of presents. Julie gave her the "Melody Time" DVD that Daddy had picked out, while Mommy and Daddy gave her several Dr. Seuss books and a box set of Curious George books. And there was much reading as a result.

But not when the cake was present, as you'll see.

Katie's Cake Katie's Cake
Katie turned three today, so there was cake. Note that we have three candles on the cake. This is because Mommy put them there before Daddy lit them.
More Candles More Candles
And *after* Katie blew out the candles, she insisted on putting two more candles on the cake. We were as bemused by this as Julie was. Toddler shui, we call it.
Let Them Eat Cake Let Them Eat Cake
Yes, it's cake. I'm eighteen months old. I'm making a mess. You expected something different?
Concentrating On the Cake Concentrating On the Cake
On the other hand, Katie is making *much* less of a mess. She *did* insist on having the top layer of whipped cream frosting removed before she'd eat the cake. More toddler shui, I guess. :)

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