Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Click and Swear (Redux)

So I'm on the latest massive code merge for my project. Because I wasn't allowed to merge my code onto the mainline, I'm now looking at 400+ manual changes to complete this merge. Each of these pops up at a rate of about one per minute. I then perform four mouse clicks and wait for the next pop up. Sometimes, the merge is slightly more complex, but that's only about ten percent of the files.

Doing anything that requires thought while working on this is pretty difficult. Well, any thought that can't be either paused or broken up into one minute chunks.

So mostly I'm catching up on my light reading on the web. And I checked in four or five six or seven changes while working on this post.

One more merge after this one and then I can actually get back to doing some real work.
Tags: musings, work
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