Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Scrubbing the Launch

I've been trying for some time now to figure out how to get daisy_knotwise, Katie, and Julie down to GAFilk. The problem is that Gretchen doesn't really want to go through a two-day drive to get there (not to mention putting Katie and Julie through it) and then end up feeling like she's imposing on anyone who might be willing to watch the girls for us. And the deadline for the hotel block is rapidly approaching. So I brought it up again tonight.

And Gretchen pointed out that Christmas is the weekend after this. Then there's New Year's, then there's GAFilk, then catalana is coming up to visit for a weekend, then there's Confusion, then ladyat is coming up to record the last of the drum tracks for Juanita's album, then we skip a week (during which I will mostly ignore the Super Bowl), and then we arrive at Capricon, for which I actually have to do something about a filk track while we also handle the Dodeka table. And a few weeks after that, I head out to Consonance and a one-day meeting with the folks I work with in the Bay Area.

"Don't you think we really need GAFilk weekend at home?"

Well, yeah.

So we'll be skipping GAFilk this year.

Maybe next year.
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