Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Hey! I've Been Quoted!

I regularly read Patterico's Pontifications, which is a blog run by Patrick Frey, who is a Deputy District Attorney in L.A. He has some frequent guest bloggers who post on his site as well, but Patterico is the best reason to read it as his experience gives him an interesting take on our legal system.

Right now, he's engaged in -- actually, throwing up his hands and abandoning -- an argument with another blogger who is apparently replacing the original text of comments that Patterico has left on his blog with completely different text. This sort of thing has gone on before on other blogs and when the previous incident was being discussed on Patterico's site, I left the following comment:

People with integrity think that editing someone’s comments in this way is always bad behavior.

People without integrity think that editing someone’s comments in this way is just fine, unless it is done to someone that they actually agree with.

And so I was both amused and flattered to find that Patterico had quoted me in the middle of his most recent post on the subject.

Damn! I'm quotable. :)
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