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Bill Roper's Journal
For Those Last Minute Christmas Shoppers 
24th-Dec-2009 11:14 am
For many years, I was the epitome of the last minute Christmas shopper. I would shoot home to my parents' house from college, do a quick survey of the household, and drive to the local malls and big box stores to buy gifts for everyone. My mom actually started to rely on this, as she could hop into the car with me and I'd do all of the driving to get her to the stores so she could do her Christmas shopping. (I was told once that I was the only one of the kids that she really felt comfortable in the car with. I'm not sure if that was because I was a better driver or because I was the oldest and had had the most practice. :) )

My parents are gone now and my Christmas shopping is a much more sedate and spread out process. But I ran across this story over on Instapundit and felt the need to pass it along.

To those of you who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. And Happy Holidays to the rest of my friends.

I hope you have a wonderful time!
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