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Bill Roper's Journal
Weekend Update 
14th-Sep-2003 12:17 am
And it's pretty much done today.

The insert has been updated with times for the songs (and checked twice). I still need to convert the text to outlines, but I'm going to ask another friend to proofread it first.

The master itself seems to be ok. There's a little glitch in "Nobody Calls" which we'll check on tomorrow, but it's not too bad if we can't figure out what happened. (Basically, there's a guitar chord that seems a bit loud. We'll go hunting for it...)

Sleep now. Sleep would be good. :)
14th-Sep-2003 07:51 am (UTC)
OOOH !!!

I can't wait ... well ... I can ... since I have to ... but I can't wait ...
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