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The 2009 Christmas Tree

I promised pictures of our tree this year and I've finally gotten around to posting them. Normally, we'd like to still have the tree up for Twelfth Night, but the city recycling wanted it on Monday, so we took it down on Sunday night. *sigh*

But it was a good tree as you'll see.

The Tree In Light The Tree In Light
This is what the tree looks like in a well-lit room. If I'd unlimbered the Nikon, I probably could have gotten some decent shots with the lights out, but I didn't manage to get it done.
Ornament Details (Right Side) Ornament Details (Right Side)
There are a lot of unusual (and sometimes fragile) ornaments on the tree. They hang around the middle of the tree for the most part -- too high for Katie and Julie to reach, but low enough to be seen.
Ornament Details (Center) Ornament Details (Center)
Here we come around the front of the tree. So what all do *you* see here? :)
Ornament Details (Left Side) Ornament Details (Left Side)
And here's the shot from the left side of the tree. The various balls on the tree are "shatterproof". Sure they are. :) Hanging just to the left of the Starship Enterprise is a little silver "unbreakable" ornament with a cutout that says "Merry Christmas". It's one from my family's old tree -- the *only* one of those old unbreakable ornaments that survived that many years of children and moving.
Pooh, and Tigger, and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Pooh, and Tigger, and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Pooh is *extremely* fragile. I found him in last year's post-Christmas sales. Tigger was a present for Katie last year. One Fish and Co. were a present for Gretchen some years ago. We have one set of bubbler lights on the tree. The rest are all LED lights as of this year. I found LED sequencing lights at Sam's Club, so I was able to retire my old sequencing sets. And the new LED lights -- with the big light covers -- look really nice.
Now With Presents! Now With Presents!
Of course, no tree is complete without presents. These presents were carefully (more or less) arranged under the tree after we finally finished wrapping them on Christmas Eve.
Julie and Her Elmo Scooter Julie and Her Elmo Scooter
Julie was absolutely delighted with her new Elmo scooter. The speeds that Katie and Julie can reach on hardwood floors are frightening.
Unwrapping Presents Unwrapping Presents
And there were plenty of presents to unwrap -- with a *lot* of enthusiasm!

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