Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Stuff and Ducks

I've been looking to clean out the front hall closet so that the Rock Band paraphernalia can be stored there instead of in the middle of the library floor. daisy_knotwise was looking for a purse that was buried somewhere in the same closet, so she's spent a good chunk of the last two days excavating the floor of the closet. This brought a great many things to light that would be desirably stored on the shelf in the closet, but the shelf in the closet was full of a tub of stuffed animals and a box of assorted hats and scarves. I decided to pull those down for inventory.

Wallace and Gromit are now hanging by the hooks in their head over the entrance to the dining room. This is a little bizarre, especially given the look on Wallace's face. We bought a couple of milk crates to store the assorted hats and scarves that are actually useful, as they can be stacked and will take up less room on the shelf. The tub of stuffed animals is supposed to come up and go into Gretchen's closet. Eventually.

And the bowling balls have been exiled to the basement. I expect mine will probably come out when it's time to teach Katie and Julie how to bowl. :)

I also found the Unisynth in the closet. If I can get the corroded battery compartment cleaned up, it will probably play again. That will make Katie and Julie very happy. (If you haven't seen a Unisynth, well, it's the Hammond Chord Organ of guitars. :) )

In other news (as in, here come the nibbling ducks):

The zipper in my winter coat gave way, so it spent three very cold days at the cleaners getting the zipper replaced. Thankfully, I have it back now, just in time for the twenty degree warmup.

And I got to see the dentist on Tuesday, where I informed him that the bugs that created my toothache eat Penicillin VK for lunch (and had gleefully consumed a week's worth of it without really being noticeably bothered by it). I now am on Amoxicillin and the swelling is pretty much down so that I can chew normally. The rear molar is still cracked down the middle, so something is going to have to be done about it eventually, but chewing no longer hurts, which is good.

I had to postpone my software demo scheduled for Friday, because I'm still shuffling code around. This will eventually stop, where "eventually" needs to translate to "soon". I'm sure that it will, but it's one of those processes that just makes you crazy.

Despite the petty annoyances, life is good. And Katie and Julie are annoyingly cute, even if Katie did run out of Red Robin without me and have to be retrieved from three rows away in the Woodfield Mall parking lot. Says Katie, "I looked both ways!"

Yes, dear, I'm sure you did. *sigh*
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