Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Would You Like Fry's With That?

Maurita was in town this weekend visiting singlemaltsilk and she wanted to make a visit down to Fry's. Marty wasn't really interested in techie paradise, so Maurita pinged me and we made arrangements to make the trip. After the bunch of us met Marty and Maurita for lunch at Red Robin, daisy_knotwise and the girls headed home, Marty headed back to her home, and Maurita and I went stalking tech stuff.

Maurita was looking for a new laptop for Wes for his birthday. (Wes got a call from the store discussing this, so it's not a secret that I'm blowing here.) There was an Acer in the weekly Fry's ad, and it probably would have been ok, but the slightly more expensive Lenovo had a much nicer keyboard, more hard disk, more RAM, and a dual core processor instead of a single core CPU. So Wes is getting the Lenovo. :)

We also looked at big-screen TVs (because I always look at big-screen TVs :) ), then I picked up some cables that I needed for the studio, and a bag for the new studio laptop. The only style of bag they had that was big enough to hold the new laptop, as it turned out. The new laptop is huge.

I dropped Maurita off at Marty's and headed home. There, I retrieved the new laptop and downloaded drivers for all of the outboard gear along with the versions of Cubase and Wavelab that work with Windows 7. Now, I just need to get everything installed and tested before Capricon.

Ok, stop laughing hysterically...
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