Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Clean It Up!

The studio had devolved into a bit of a mess, so I figured I'd spend some time cleaning it tonight, putting things back in place before ladyat arrived to record tracks for Juanita's album this weekend. It was a good theory.

Instead, the bulk of the early part of the evening was spent installing a new DSL modem which may or may not have fixed my connectivity problems. Fortunately, daisy_knotwise was able to stop on her way home from janmagic's and pick one up at Fry's. According to the Speakeasy tech, the error rate is down, but it's not clear whether this was the problem or not. We'll have to wait and see.

I finally got back down to work on the studio starting about 9:30 PM. The keyboard is back where it belongs, now wired up to my old guitar amp so you can hear it without headphones. The network is rewired, save for the network connection to the mixer, which I'll investigate more later. And the floor of the control room is vacuumed and the crap in the windows and in the corners has been washed or sucked away.

I think I'll go up and see if there are any girls who need to be kissed before they go to bed. :)
Tags: filk, home, kids, musings, tech

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