Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Sleep Is For The Weak And Sickly

By about 1 AM local time, I qualified for "weak and sickly" really well, having been up for around 22 hours and operating on four hours of sleep. So I headed off to the room, leaving a really good filk circle behind. *sigh*

Earlier in the day, I'd bought a day's worth of Internet access while hanging out in the lobby so I could prepare some stuff for meetings on Monday. This allowed me to say hi to a great many people while working on the presentation, including Katy, Ju, and Judi, none of whom had realized I was going to be here. In their defense, it was pretty much one small LJ post back in December. :)

But dinner was good, the concerts were good, the filk was good.

What more could you want?

Other than sleep, that is.

(I'm probably going into radio silence unless I leach a bit of time off someone else, as I don't really want to spend ten bucks a day to be on the Internet instead of hanging out with friends. :) )
Tags: cons, filk, musings, work

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