Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And It's One, Two, Three Strikes

About a week ago, Katie announced, "I want a bat!"

Julie immediately shouted, "No!"

Good instinct for self-preservation in that little girl.

However, it appears that from somewhere, Katie has acquired an urge to play baseball. Now at three and a bit years old, she's not ready to actually play ball, but she is able to swing a bat and hit a ball off a tee, so that's what we eventually decided to aim for. Accordingly, when I went shopping at Fry's in advance of the Windycon meeting on Friday, I looked for a batting tee. I came up empty, but I did find a Nerf bat and a (rather solid) Nerf baseball that I picked up so I wouldn't come home completely empty-handed.

Then I headed over to meet qnofhrt and dave_ifversen for dinner at the nearby mall's food court. I turned to park and saw the big sign on the side of the building: "The Sports Authority". They'd have a batting tee!

And they did. I set it up for Katie yesterday and she's spent large chunks of the last two afternoons beating at the wiffle balls that I also bought at the mall.

I don't think that Julie's been clocked with the bat yet.

And the bat lives outside.
Tags: baseball, home, kids, musings

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