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Two Years Old -- Now With Added Photos!

I was out of town for Julie's birthday, but daisy_knotwise was active with the camera, so now there are uploaded photos for your enjoyment.

Watching TV Watching TV
I was out of town for Julie's second birthday, so Gretchen was left to handle the day. It started with climbing into Mommy and Daddy's bed to watch Phineas and Ferb.
The Birthday Girl The Birthday Girl
Gretchen observes that this is not what she meant by dressing in good taste. At least the onesie was clean.
Hiya! Hiya!
Hey, Mommy. Whatcha doin' with the camera?
And Katie And Katie
Ok, we're not sure exactly *what* this gesture means. We're not sure that we *want* to know.
How Ya Doin? How Ya Doin?
Gretchen took the girls out to the park near our house for a picnic lunch from KFC. (Having determined that the girls will happily eat a chicken leg is a good thing.) And Julie's *quite* happy to be there.
Swinging Swinging
Of course, one of the best things about the park is the swing.
Corn On The Cob In The Car Corn On The Cob In The Car
The little race car at the park makes a handy place to eat your corn on the cob. Katie's got this down. Julie's still working on it. By the end of sweet corn season this summer, she'll be a pro.
Sliding Katie Sliding Katie
The slides are also very popular.
Sliding Julie Sliding Julie
With both girls.
Survivor:  Family Room Survivor: Family Room
And Gretchen and the girls returned home to film the next episode of "Survivor: Family Room". Note that Julie is wearing her immunity totem around her neck. It was a fine birthday and a good time was had by all. (And a good time was *also* had the next day when Daddy finally got home.)

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