Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

An Expensive Trip On the Carousel

After I took daisy_knotwise and the girls out for breakfast/lunch for Mother's Day, I said to Gretchen, "So should we head home?"

"Is there anything else we need to do?"

"It's a lovely day. We could drive up to Gurnee Mills and take the girls for a ride on the carousel."

There's a very nice carousel in one of the food courts at Gurnee Mills. Katie and Julie really like it. So Gretchen said "Sure!" and off we went.

Unfortunately, I'd remembered the wrong food court. So we ended up walking from one end of Gurnee Mills to the other. This involved passing essentially all of the stores.

Gretchen had wanted to find some new clothes for Katie and Julie, so when I saw a discount kids clothing store, we headed in there and came out with several very inexpensive outfits for the girls. Further down the mall, we ran into the Carter's outlet store, so I sent Gretchen in there to take a look while I ducked into the Disney Outlet Store on the opposite side of the aisle.

To quote my lovely bride:

"Never, ever leave the father of two young daughters alone in the Disney Store with a functioning credit card."

It turns out leaving him there with the two daughters is worse, especially when the two girls discover that Disney has finally corrected the shocking absence of Phineas and Ferb merchandise with plush versions of Phineas, Ferb, and Perry and "action scenes" from the show.

I thought I would get out with one set of Phineas and Ferb plush. Katie and Julie quickly disabused me of this notion. At least they were on sale.

And for Mother's Day, Gretchen got the big Agent P plushie. She's quite happy with him.

Poor Ferb gets so little respect though. We got down to the carousel and as Katie was waiting to get on, she pulled the bag with her toys out of the cart, grabbed Phineas and Ferb, looked at them, tossed Ferb back in the cart, and kissed Phineas on his nose.

I'm thinking Isabella. Gretchen is already threatening to make Fireside Girl costumes for Halloween.

And the girls did enjoy riding the carousel with Mommy, their Phineas and Ferb dolls tucked into their seatbelts with them.
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