Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Shades of Don Denkinger

I've just seen the most untimely blown call since Don Denkinger missed the call at first in the 1985 World Series that led to the Cardinals eventually losing the game and then the whole series.

I was watching tonight's Cardinals / Reds game on ESPN. Because Armando Galarraga was throwing a perfect game for the Tigers, ESPN cut away to cover the visitors' half of the eighth and ninth innings. And went they went back for the ninth, Austin Jackson made a great running catch to save the perfect game. And the second out was an easy grounder.

But the third out required the pitcher to cover first base as Cabrera had to field the ball. And the first base umpire, Jim Joyce, called the runner safe on a play that wasn't close at all.

And that was the end of the perfect game and the no-hitter.

What a travesty.

Of course, it's still possible for this to be converted into a no-hitter by the official scorer. After all, the ball beat the runner to the base, so if he wasn't out, someone must have committed an error.

Got a spot on the scorecard for E-Umpire?
Tags: baseball, musings

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