Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Trashing It

It was a long and meandering trip this afternoon, including a drive-by past a Classic Oak Designs that now appears to be a hole in the ground, a quick trip to Casual Male XL to buy a new belt, and a trip to The Container Store where we picked up a great many things, including an annoyingly expensive but exceedingly functional trash can to replace the Diaper Genie that has, of late, announced to us that it was tired of handling this many diapers that were quite as large as the ones that we've been feeding it. With any luck, we'll eventually retire it to replace the kitchen garbage can. Eventually.

We also acquired two new laundry baskets, because with two small children four laundry baskets are not enough, a mesh bag for me to stuff my wallet and such in when I go to the pool -- did I mention that we tried out our nice new season pool passes yesterday and that Katie was absolutely delighted? Julie's thinking about it. :) -- and two acrylic piggy banks for the girls, replacing the ceramic piggy bank that didn't manage to survive two days here.

Of course, on the way out of Oberweis Dairy (where we went for ice cream after all this), Katie tripped and dropped her piggy bank on the sidewalk, seriously scoring the acrylic in one spot.

So she now has a piggy bank that's wearing a band-aid.

Tags: home, kids, musings

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