Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Frozen Sober Kidlets On a Stick

Some years ago at a Cubs game, the group we were in came up with "Frozen Drunken Yuppie On a Stick" night at Wrigley Field, because it was extremely cold and the beer-drinking yuppies behind us were being loud and annoying. The event comes complete with a Harry Caray impression, "That's right, Steve, tonight is Frozen Drunken Yuppie On a Stick Night here at beautiful Wrigley Field and every Cubs fan entering the stadium has been given their own Frozen Drunken Yuppie On a Stick."

The forecast for today was for 84 degrees and humid. I dressed accordingly for the game in shorts and a polo shirt. The game time temperature at Wrigley Field:

57 degrees.

Fifty-seven degrees! With a cold wind blowing in.

I made it through the whole game in better shape than the Cubs did. This despite the four kids in the row behind me who kept calling for the beer vendor, throwing pistachios, and kicking the seats. No adult in sight either, although they did stop kicking the seat when I asked them to stop.

The White Sox beat the Cubs 2-1.

And I have seldom been so happy to get home after a game. Or even to my car, where I turned the heater up to 80 degrees.

Because I wanted to go somewhere today where I was appropriately dressed.
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