Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Line, Line, Everywhere a Line

It was a long and complex day.

I'm still recovering from the head cold. Mostly I'm just tired, a bit snuffly, and trying to keep the cold from moving into my chest. But it meant I skipped my morning walk.

Gretchen was working in Elmhurst today, covering for someone absent at another branch, so we didn't try to meet for lunch. Instead I grabbed something on the way down to pick up Bonnie so we could go to Bill Krucek's memorial service. Bill ran Operations for many years for WindyCon and worked on the last three Chicons, running ops at Chicon 2000 (and possibly previously). He had been fighting with diabetes that was diagnosed right after Chicon 2000 and finally succumbed to complications last week. He was 52.

We left the memorial service early so we could get back for rehearsal for SpaceTime Theater's ConClave show. I told Bonnie about Gretchen's idea of cutting all of the scripted material, given that we're fairly seriously under-rehearsed and over-tired, and doing an all-improv show. When we got to rehearsal, we put the idea to the cast and finally determined that we'd cut back to four scripted bits, inserting additional improv to fill the gaps. We called beamjockey and Kelley at home to confirm with them, since they weren't at rehearsal because they were preparing for a party that night. They concurred, so we went to Plan B.

We also spent some time playing with the new stage lights which look like they'll be a substantial improvement. (They'd better be, given what we spent on them.) daddy_guido has a minor (almost a major) in theater arts, so he actually knows what to do with the new lights, which is also a good thing. Now, we just need to figure out how to keep him. :)

By the time we were finished, daddy_guido had to duck out for another engagement. The rest of the cast had planned to go to the Higgins' party, but it was too late and they were too pooped. Instead, we grabbed dinner at Culver's and everyone headed home.

I watched the Cardinals finish losing to the Dodgers, 4-0. Well, I'd expected to lose the game that Morris started, so I suppose that's ok. Finding a way to score some runs tomorrow would be good though.

And I just now realized that I'm supposed to call shsilver back and chat about ISFiC Press, but it's just too late to call now.

Maybe tomorrow.

After all, tomorrow is another day.
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