Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

When Incompetents Strike

On Monday morning, I got a phone call from Discover. Apparently, someone breached the site, cracked into my account, and tried to place a fraudulent order. This meant that Discover canceled my card and issued me a new number. Getting the number and the cards from Discover proved to be a tougher problem, as I didn't have them by Thursday or Friday and all of my autobilling stuff is tied to that card. No, I couldn't get the number over the phone, I had to wait for the cards and watch payments start bouncing.

So the cards arrived on Saturday, by which time the Chicago Tribune and I-PASS payments had already bounced. Fixing the Tribune was easy, as their website worked flawlessly.

The I-PASS phone robot, however, seemed confused. And it was. When I gave up and called the customer support number, I discovered that my transponder and daisy_knotwise's that were supposed to have been linked into a single account actually weren't. Supposedly, they are now.

Fixing up the guys who handle our burglar alarm -- also pretty easy.

Comcast, though, was completely hopeless. When I tried to update the account using the phone robot, it didn't actually update the autopay feature -- it charged a month of service to my card. I tried to log on using the website, but you can't create an account there unless you have a Comcast.Net e-mail address. I don't, nor will I. When you try to send feedback on the website using Google Chrome, it fails, claiming that you haven't filled in the description section. I had.

Meanwhile, as I went on hold to talk to a representative, I was thrown out of the queue at least three times. Then I was put on hold by a rep and thrown to the back of the queue again. Then I was put on hold by a rep who went to talk to her supervisor and thrown to the back of the queue again. Then I got a rep who explained to me that once the autopay info was cleared by a live rep, it would take a day before the phone tree would accept new info.

Meanwhile, I'd gone into chat with a representative who created an account for me at my e-mail address and said that I'd see an e-mail with the details in an hour. It's still not here six hours later, nor is it in my spam bucket.

Meanwhile, the previously mentioned supervisor actually called back, entered my info in the computer, and gave me a service credit for my trouble. This probably won't stop me from switching away from Comcast due to their decision to scramble all of the digital versions of the channels that I used to receive in clear on Expanded Basic. But it was progress.

Then there was Sprint. They had my e-mail address entered incorrectly by someone who spelled "filker" with a "ph". Needless to say, that wasn't me. Supposedly I am getting an e-mail from them as I reset my account, but that hasn't shown up in six hours, so I'm thinking that isn't happening either. And that's preventing me from fixing the autopay feature there.

So far, the only thing that's worked absolutely seamlessly is the TribCo website.

And I still have three to go, counting Sprint.

Tags: incompetence, musings, rant, tech

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