Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

There's a Hole

There's an itty-bitty hole somewhere in the fourteen year old air conditioner that keeps our house cool in the summer. It's not by any means an obvious hole, but enough of the refrigerant had departed from the coils that cooling was no longer occurring. We called our AC guy who came over and refilled the system until he clears enough of the backed-up service calls that he can install a new unit. When he does, he's going to add a auxiliary AC for the upstairs that should fix the temperature problem that we've had up here ever since moving in, because the downstairs AC really can't keep the upstairs very cool. There can be anywhere from a four to ten degree differential between the two floors.

We also need to have a new roof put on. We'll add an attic fan then to vent the warm air from the attic, which should make it easier for the auxiliary unit to keep up with the cooling problem.

But it's going to be an expensive summer.
Tags: home, musings, tech

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