Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

If You Get a New Camera...

I actually got a new digital camera about a year ago for the purpose of taking pictures of the girls without having to haul around my SLR. Unfortunately, it disappeared some months ago. It must be here somewhere.

And I'm sure that buying a new camera will cause the missing one to turn up shortly. In the meantime, having the new camera meant that I was in a position to take pictures of Katie and Julie as they dashed about the play area in Woodfield Mall after dinner tonight.

Tandem Slide Tandem Slide
And there's just a *bit* of a pile up at the end of the slide in the Woodfield Mall play area. It wouldn't be the only one...
King of the Mountain King of the Mountain
This is *my* mountain. All who try to take it will fall before my might.
Climbing Mount Bugs Climbing Mount Bugs
And as the girls climb the giant Bugs Bunny, we get a shot of his not-so-good side.
Katie Poses Katie Poses
Of course, given sight of a camera, Katie will stop and pose to have her picture taken. As a result, there are *many* pictures of Katie.
Julie Doesn't Julie Doesn't
Julie, on the other hand, stubbornly refuses to pose for photos. Eventually Daddy, who would really like *some* record of Julie's early years, follows her across the play area in a desperate attempt to take a picture before she can flee again. The giant tricycle and wagon prove a suitable distraction.
My Wagon My Wagon
Yes, for this is *my* wagon, Daddy. (The small scratch on her upper lip is from yesterday's trip to the pool when she had a unfortunate encounter with the edge while trying to climb out so that she could climb back in. Perpetual motion in the pool, that's Julie...)
Thirsty Julie Thirsty Julie
So the secret to getting Julie to hold still is to give her something to drink. After a long enough day, this trick will also work for her parents, although Gretchen is holding out for something alcoholic.
My Wascally Wabbit My Wascally Wabbit
Now Katie has moved onto other things, so Bugs is *all* Julie's.
Time To Go Home Time To Go Home
Eventually, even the fun of climbing around on giant animals pales, because it's really time to go home and go to bed. And who could say no to that face?

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