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I'm using my old backup machine from work as a Windows 2003 Server platform to run the various apps that I need to test against. And it turns out that when you run all of those apps on a 2 GB machine, it starts paging memory. That's bad, because it makes the machine really slow.

It turns out that there's a fellow in our office in Connecticut who has been collecting similar old machines that have been turned in so that he'll have a continuing supply of spare parts to fix other old machines like this one. He'd mentioned this to me while helping with a tech support problem about a month ago. So I dropped him an e-mail to see if he had some bigger DIMMs for the box.

He did. They came in the mail this morning. I opened up the box, popped out the old DIMMs, popped in the (relatively) new ones, and have now doubled my RAM to 4 GB.

The machine runs much better now. :)
Tags: musings, tech, work

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