Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Around and Around

Katie had been asking yesterday about going to ride the carousel at Gurnee Mills. It was a nice day and I had two albums full of old Alcar photos to drop off with my old boss up in Lake Forest which was on the way, so we piled in the car and headed north. We stopped briefly to drop off the albums (which gave Carl and Sande a chance to meet the girls), then went to Gurnee Mills. It turned out we'd parked near the wrong food court, which I discovered when Katie and I went in to scout out the location. The carousel was near the other food court.

So I called daisy_knotwise and she drove Julie around to the other end of the mall while Katie and I hoofed it past the assorted distractions. ("No, dear, you can't ride in that car. Mommy and Julie are waiting for us. No, dear, you can't ride in the train. Mommy and Julie...")

When we got to the food court, we took the girls for a ride on the carousel, then had lunch, then went for a couple of more rides on the carousel before calling it quits. I left Gretchen, Katie, and Julie munching on popcorn while I went back to the Carter's Outlet Store to find a backup blanket for Julie, because she keeps misplacing her buni. I found the blanket and several nice outfits for the girls. Then I went across the aisle to the Disney Outlet and scored more swag, including a Phineas and Ferb water bottle and the only Candace plushie for Gretchen. And I found Porcupine and Super Sleuth Tigger plush on heavy clearance, so I got those for Katie and Julie, along with sunglasses and more clothes.

And a Tinker Bell shirt for Gretchen. Because fairies who make things are cool. :)
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