Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Call Option On An Auto Dealership

The catalytic converter for the warranty work on our Chrysler Town and Country finally came in at the dealership, a bit more than a month later than they said that it would and around two months from the time when we originally took it in. We dropped it off last night after hours so we could pick it up today.

daisy_knotwise noted that the service department hours had been cut way back, so we'd have to make sure to pick it up before 5 PM. When we got there, she sent me the cashier in the showroom to pick up the keys while she moved Katie, Julie, and the odd car seat back to the van.

It turns out that the dealership is open from 8-5, Monday through Friday. Closed on Saturday. Closed by law on Sunday. There were three cars on the showroom floor and darned little inventory outside. One person sitting in the center of the deserted showroom ignoring everything, including me. Nobody sitting at the cashier's window, although someone showed up eventually.

I'm thinking they're not actually selling any cars. Which is not overly surprising, given where we are in the model year and the state of the economy and of Chrysler.

I wonder how long they're going to stay open. Right now, it just looks like they might decide to be a dealership again someday.

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