Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Drain Bamage

I was in the neighborhood of Fry's on Saturday and they had a set of Sony wireless headphones on sale. Since I had discovered that my old pair of JVC wireless headphones had a close encounter with a cleaning rag that had destroyed the ear cups -- there's nothing like finding little bits of thin plastic membrane all over your ears after spending time on the exercycle! -- I figured this was a good opportunity to pick them up.

The on-sale headphones weren't displayed with the rest of the wireless headphones, but the fellow there managed to figure out where they'd put them and I got the last ones. Yay! As long as I was there, I also picked up a spare HDMI cable, because the recent rewiring had caused to me want a longer one. Then I grabbed a calculator to replace my TI that had gone missing somewhere on my desk. (I suspected small children at work.)

Last night, I set up the new headphones. While doing this, the old calculator reappeared on my desk from underneath a stack of Jiffy Lube receipts that need to be filed away. *sigh*

But the new headphones sounded just fine.

Naturally, I got up this morning, got on the exercycle, and forgot to put on the headphones.

I blame lack of sleep.
Tags: home, musings, tech

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