Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Computer Woes

syalune shipped catalana's new computer here so that she could conveniently take it home in her car. I popped it out of the box and -- as arranged -- set out to boot it up and make sure that it had survived shipping without dislodging anything.

Annoyingly, something is wrong and being extremely difficult to diagnose. I can get the boot screen, but that's pretty much the last thing I ever see. I've tried to boot to the BIOS setup, but it never gets there, although it does acknowledge the DEL keypress and promise to go there.

I'm now being officially confused. I suppose I should have tried unplugging the SATA drives to see if the system would boot to the BIOS then, but that didn't occur to me when I had the box opened up to check it out and all of the peripherals attached. I wouldn't think there'd be a drive failure that would do this, but...

Any thoughts?
Tags: computers, home, musings, tech

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