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Meanwhile, I spent much of yesterday driving to Context. This meant lunch at Shapiro's in Indianapolis, which was large. (It always is.) And I'd put together a chorus somewhere on I-65, so I ran in with a sheet of paper and scrawled it down while eating.

Then I headed east on I-70 with a two hour phone meeting for work. (The Bluetooth headset worked fine, which was a relief, because I'd had it for a year and just gotten around to using it for this occasion.) That meant that the song went on the back burner.

Until late last night when I finished it up. The chorus tune still needs a bit of bashing to fit, which isn't uncommon for a tune written in the car.

And the scifi/fantasy content is pretty much nil. The country content, however, is exceedingly high.

You've been warned. :)

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2010


I want to remember
What I need to forget.
So I’m fanning the ember
And keeping it lit.
It’s been such a long time.
I should be letting it go.
It’s just another thing in my mind
That I don’t need to know.

I remember sunny mornings, I remember days of rain.
I remember streaks of water washing down the window pane.
I remember in the evening when the sky was dark and deep.
I remember the last night I didn’t drink myself to sleep.

There were days when I was happy, though not for quite a while.
There were days you’d hear me singing and light up with a smile.
There were days we were together, there were days we were apart,
Until the day you found you had to go and break my heart.

Though you are gone, you’re always on my mind.
It seems the ties between us are still strong enough to bind.
And I have no faith in science, nor in magic, nor in prayer,
For none of them possessed the power to fill your empty chair.

(Final chorus)

It’s just another thing in my mind
That I don’t need to know.
Tags: filk, lyrics, musings

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