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Bill Roper's Journal
Still In Context 
29th-Aug-2010 10:42 am
But not for too much longer, as it's almost time to put the luggage in the car and clear out of my (very nice) hotel room. I'll head for home after Closing Ceremonies in a few hours.

Everyone's been great and I've had a wonderful time! I had a chance to hang with filkertom and Juanita, which was good, and we had fun at the open filk last night.

The concert went well. The set list that I put together for this literary-oriented con (for those scoring at home) was:

Library Song
A Matter of Time
Jump In
Lunatic Moon
Teenage Popsicle Girl
Beyond the Sky
Running Down the Stars
Imagination Rising

And that would have been the end, except Trace asked me to play "The Wind From Rainbow's End" for a friend who hadn't ever heard it. I was happy to oblige. And since "Rainbow's End" was the reason that daisy_knotwise wrote the lyrics for "Library Song", the bookending was complete. :)

Time to shut this beast down and get checked out now!
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