Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Settling One Issue

Well, at least we settled the issue of whether or not I'll be doing anything for Chicon 7 tonight.

shsilver had invited me up to the announcement party at the Westin tonight and told me to go ahead and bring the kids -- incidentally making it possible for daisy_knotwise to come along. So I figured, why not?

We were having a pleasant conversation with Elaine when Erik got the video running from Australia. (And kudos to Erik for managing the tech.) Unfortunately, the sound was a bit spotty and Julie was initially being a bit loud as we tried to quiet her. One of the committee members with whom I have a bit of history told us we would have to get her to be quiet or take her out. So we got her to be quiet -- at least as quiet as a non-sleeping two-year old ever is. Pretty much the occasional happy toddler noise at a low level. And the same person told us to take her out.

So I erupted. And I grabbed Julie, told the committee member to "F*ck off", and told Gretchen to grab our things.

And we left.

I'm sure it will be a lovely convention. And I'm equally sure that they really don't need me for anything, so I probably don't need to be a source of irritation.


(As Gretchen observed, this particular committee member has a fine history of chattering away during committee meetings and convention panels. I suppose that wouldn't help.)
Tags: cons, musings, worldcon
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